MADONNA Mekong Jacuzzi Acrylic 6 Feet Acrylic Bathtub with Side Panel - Black

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Enjoy a sensuous massage with Whirlpool (Jacuzzi Massage) system which soothes your tired muscles and relaxes your mind. 6 rotatory nozzles providing a circulatory massage of water and air across your whole body for a uniform experience
TUV (German Certification) and CE (European Certification) quality certified because you deserve nothing but the best.
Freestanding and portable bathtub (with side panel) allowing you the flexibility to shift the bathtub if you undertake a renovation or change your home. Also, no more hassles of civil work and mason workers. Order it, put it and use it - as easy as it gets
A couples' or a family bathtub that allows you and your loved ones to take a comfortable and a refreshing bath. Length: 6 ft or 1810 mm, Breadth: 3.5 ft or 1067 mm, Height: 19 inches or 440 mm. Fibreglass reinforcement to make it strong, sturdy, shock resistant and impact resistant. Adults, bring out your inner child and feel free to jump, play or dance in the bathtub without care
1 year blanket warranty covering all aspects. Plus, when you order, we send you technical specifications customized to your bathroom layout. We guide you along the whole way till you find yourself inside the bathtub enjoying a glass of wine, olives and relaxing music
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Madonna Mekong Acrylic Massage Bathtub with Jacuzzi Massage And Digital Control Panel
Mekong Bathtub (with Front Panel, Side Panel and Stand) with Jacuzzi Massage is the best long-term health investment that you can make for yourself for a comfortable couple' or a family bath experience.

Key Stats:
- Jacuzzi Motor: 1.5 HP, TUV (German) and CE Certified (European)
- Massage Nozzles: 6 Nozzles with Centrifugal Massage Jets
- Control System: Adjustable Pressure Control and Pneumatic on-off switch
- Length: 6 ft or 1810 mm, Breadth 3.5 ft or 1067 mm, Height 19 inches or 440 mm
- Min life: 10-12 yrs

Why buy? What are the benefits?
Madonna’s Whirlpool system provides you with a moment of rest from the distractions of daily life. Jacuzzi jets deliver an average of 50/50 air-to-water mixture for soft yet powerful rejuvenation and help with:
– a speedy recovery from injuries
– relieve muscle soreness by helping remove lactic acid
– open the blood vessels to improve circulation
– relax the muscles around arthritic joints
– promote the flow of endorphins
It comes with an inbuilt stand and a front panel and a side panel. Very sturdy and highly resistant to stains and scratches. Use hot water, soap, shampoo, oil etc, without any inhibitions.

How to install?
Delivered in a ready to install state. Attach the socket to the plug and fix the pop-up waste to your drain, and that’s it. You are done and ready to have your bath!

What about safe delivery?
Safe delivery is our responsibility. We package our bathtubs in plastic packaging, cardboard packaging, bubble wrap and finally wooden crate packing to ensure that it is safely delivered to you.
In the unlikely case of any damage, the bathtub shall be replaced at no additional cost.

1 year blanket warrantycovering all aspects. Plus, technical and design guidance available on call.
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