Comparison Table

  Fixed Freestanding Jacuzzi Combi-Massage Fully Loaded
Pop-up Waste with Flexible Pipe
Front Panel with Stand
         – Front Panel
         – Iron Body Frame with Stand
         – Adjustable Legs
Jacuzzi System (1.5 HP and 6 jets)
         – Jacuzzi Motor 1.5 HP
         – 6 Centrifugal Massage Nozzles (Whirlpool)
         – Jacuzzi On/Off Switch
         – Jacuzzi Pressure Regulator
         – Suction
Bubble Bath System (1 HP and 10 jets)
         – Bubble Bath Motor 1 HP
         – 10 Air Jets
         – Bubble Bath On/Off Switch
Filler System
         – Cascade Waterfall Filler
         – Hand Shower with multi flow options
         – Diverter
         – Hot and Cold Water Mixer
Spinal Massage and Foot Massage (powered by Jacuzzi System, 4 + 2 jets)
Digital Control Panel with Music System
         – Fully Computerized Digital Control Panel
         – FM System
         – Speaker System
         – Bluetooth Connectivity
Underwater Light Multicolour LED 1 pc
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
Automatic Shut Down Safety Protection Against High Current Leakage
Water Shortage Protection
Online Water Heater 3 KW
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
Jacuzzi Multicolour Mood Lighting LED 6 pcs (can be added, not included by default)
Bubble Bath Multicolour LED Mood Lighting 10 pcs (can be added, not included by default)
Overflow (can be added, not included by default)
Sleek Headrest Pillow (can be added if not present, check bathtub images)

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