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Shower trays

Shower trays are essential accessories in modern day bathrooms that help in the cleanliness of the bath area and add to the aesthetics of the bathroom. A shower tray is placed on the floor of the bath zone and is basically meant to collect the shower water and send it down the drain and pipes. A modern day shower tray is a way beyond mere collection surface for used water. The contemporary shower trays carry style statement too with their looks, sophistication and sturdiness.

If you are looking for the best shower base on India, the search ends at Madonna. Our shower trays are mostly made from quality material like acrylic which is a strong, water-tight and does not get slippery when wet. Depending on the type and size of the shower area, we offer the shower trays in multiple designs, sizes and shapes.

Madonna Home Solutions is the choicest name to go for if you want to buy shower trays in India that meet your demands of next gen bath solutions. Madonna Home Solutions have been providing classic and durable shower trays in the following sizes and designs:

Dolphin Shower Tray (3′ x 3′)

Dolphin shower trays are elegant and come with nice visual appeal and finish. Available in 3′ x 3′ square size, Dolphin shower trays find a good use in modern homes and villas. Impressing with durability and visual appeal, this product assures enhanced bathing experience.

Caspian Shower Tray (white) (4′ x 3′)

Available in elegant white colour with glossy finish, Caspian shower trays look stylish in rectangular shape. Caspian shower trays are one of the widely picked models and are matchless in their visual appeal, robust quality and smooth surface. The product meets your desires of a luxurious bath without any fuss or qualms about water spillage around.

Casper Shower Tray (5′ x 3′)

Casper shower trays are designed to impress with their robustness and sleekness. These rectangular shaped shower trays are made up of Lucite acrylic and are easy to install and clean. While the fiberglass reinforcement lends extra durability to this product, the high gloss finish sways you off your feet. The product comes with a warranty of one year. We also ensure a four-layer packaging for safe transportation.

Mark Shower Trays (3’1/2′ x 3’1/2′)

Mark Shower Trays come across as sleek and square trays in 3’1/2′ x 3’1/2′ size. This product is made of Lucite acrylic and are extensively picked for modern homes, hotels and contemporary offices. The trendy looks, long lasting shine and dependable quality account for the consistent popularity of this product.

You can visit our exclusive outlets or book your choicest product through our website. Madonna Home Solutions keeps the things customer friendly when you need to buy acrylic shower tray online. All our products are earning excelling star ratings and have strong online presence. For all your needs of a next level bath solutions, our products have an edge over others in quality, elegance and customer satisfaction.