Madonna Home Solutions is home to all products defining a next gen bathroom furnishings. Rated among the best bathtubs in India, our bathtubs have been embodiments of style, quality and trustworthiness. Every new design taking shape at Madonna Home Solutions is conceived with your gratification in mind before it is crafted to perfection. High end quality and uncompromised safety being the hallmarks of our bathtubs, you are in for a sumptuous experience every time you step in for a refreshing bath.

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  • -20% Madonna Home Solutions Intimate Freestanding Bathtub


    6 ft. x 3 ft.

    4.9 out of 5
    17 reviews 27,399.00210,899.00 Buy Now
  • -21% Madonna Home Solutions Comfort Freestanding Bathtub


    5.5 ft. x 3.5 ft.

    5 out of 5
    3 reviews 33,299.00203,499.00 Buy Now
  • -20% Madonna Home Solutions Falcon Freestanding Bathtub


    5 ft. x 4 ft.

    5 out of 5
    6 reviews 41,199.00209,399.00 Buy Now
  • -20% Madonna Home Solutions Amazon Freestanding Bathtub


    6 ft. x 4 ft.

    5 out of 5
    4 reviews 48,699.00218,899.00 Buy Now
  • -20% Madonna Home Solutions Phoenix Freestanding Bathtub


    6 ft. x 4 ft.

    5 out of 5
    2 reviews 53,499.00223,399.00 Buy Now
  • -26% Madonna Home Solutions Temptation Freestanding Bathtub


    6 ft. x 4.75 ft.

    63,199.00241,399.00 Buy Now
  • -23% Madonna Home Solutions Innovation Freestanding Bathtub


    6 ft. x 5.25 ft.

    72,299.00242,499.00 Buy Now

Elegance bathed in luxury

Bathrooms are fast emerging as the new place to script style statements where fresh rules of aesthetics, relaxation and elegance are being written. The prime focus in the bathroom being the bathtubs are creating ripples through their creative designs and high comfort parameters. Madonna Home Solutions has always honoured the desires of its customers bringing the most outstanding products in their reach. If you are looking for exceptional bathtubs in India, Madonna Home Solutions is the name to go for. Through our consistent endeavours in ensuring you a sensuous bath experience, we have evolved to be the trendsetters in next era bathtub designs. With a keen eye on quality, affordability and aesthetic detail, we have been branded amongst the most celebrated names for buying luxury bathtubs in India. With a strong market and digital presence, we are one of the most reliable and convenient name to buy bathtubs online. All our products speak lavishly of next era lifestyle, comfort and innovation.

Madonna Home Solutions is home to all products defining a next gen bathroom furnishings. Years of experience and a remarkable industry presence makes us the first choice to buy luxury bathtubs. An overwhelming customer response and their unfettered trust in our products remains a driving force that pushes us forward consistently to keep evolving and continue bringing the products that are simply second to none.

Before we step out to design a bathtub for our exclusive customers, we focus on the science of bathing and the refreshing ways to relax muscles. Then follows the art of blending your needs with the pampering bathing solutions. Madonna Home Solutions has a caravan of intelligent designers, engineers, craftsmen and quality assurance professionals who specialize in creating masterpieces beyond expectations.

If you are among those discerning customers who want nothing less than the best, Madonna Home Solutions never disappoints you. We have a line of products that define pure elegance bathed in luxury. Customer satisfaction has been a legacy at Madonna Home Solutions. We keep a tab on the tastes, preferences and ambitions of our honoured customers and are always eager to exceed their expectations.

When you are out hunting for simply the best bathtubs in India that perfectly reflect your dreams, we assure you the most dependable and sleekest of products with unmatched durability, impeccable designs and unparalleled aesthetic value. We at Madonna Home Solutions are extremely conscious of our responsibilities towards the environment. All our products are eco-friendly and use environment friendly materials.

Respect for space is nowhere compromised at Madonna Home Solutions. We have on our platter the most space optimized yet cost efficient bathtubs for different bathroom sizes and designs. Our professionals are never unaware of trendy bathroom designs and plans and we design exclusive space friendly bathtubs that not only enhance the aesthetic value of your bath area but also fit perfectly in the areas reserved for bathtubs. While the colours like ivory white assure an air of royalty, the intelligently created arm rests serve as a luxurious add on.

Our growing clientele and encouraging testimonials are an inspiration in true sense. Our customers come from every bracket- home makers to art lovers, elite hotels to celebs and all those who want a value for money product. All bathtubs delivered by Madonna Home Solutions blend creativity and simplicity and come with premium quality and immaculate finish.

Madonna Home Solutions is the one stop place to buy bathtubs in India that define your persona. Our Lucite acrylic sheet manufactured bathtubs with a super silky feel add a splendid dimension to your bathroom and dreamlike freshness to the way you bath.

Madonna Home Solutions provides luxury bathtubs in all of the following categories:

  • Freestanding bathtubs
  • Fixed bathtubs
  • Jacuzzi bathtubs
  • Combi- massage
  • Fully loaded

Going by the shapes, our exclusive bathtubs in the following shapes and designs:

Corner bathtubs

Available in two distinct models Leo and Ambassador, our corner bathtubs are an ideal fit for small bathrooms and artistically utilize the corner space in your bathrooms besides enhancing the aesthetic value of your bathing area. You will find it hard to resist the high gloss finish and sleekness of the products that are available with a three year blanket warranty.

Popular modelsThe Babe, Leo and Ambassador

D Shaped bathtubs

Shaped to fit your needs, our D Shaped bathtubs come as Comfort model and is a freestanding and portable product. Made from premium Lucite acrylic, the product speaks sturdiness and style inside out.

Popular modelsComfort and Unicorn

Oval bathtubs

Available as Intimate, Penguin and Atlantis models, our oval bathtubs can turn your bath into an ecstatic experience. All versions embody style and strength and gel efficiently with your prestige and desires.

Popular modelsIntimate, Penguin and Atlantis

Rectangular bathtubs

Our consistently picked up rectangular bathtubs fit well in all types of bathrooms and are available in multiple sizes. All models are a class in itself in terms of quality, sophistication and durability. Please visit the relevant section for the details. The rectangular bathtubs are available as multiple models like Prestige, Bonn, Melody, Rex, Voyage, Divine, Euro, Sentosa, Elegant and Ceaser.

Popular modelsPrestige, Bonn, Rex, Elegant and Amazon

Single Seater bathtubs

Designed to impress with their captivating looks and matchless quality, the single seater bathtubs assure you value for money. All products are crisp, sleek and sturdy. Our single seater bathtubs come as Bonn, Sentosa, Intimate, Ceaser, Alexander and Atlantis.

Popular modelsMelody, Intimate, Sentosa and Euro

Double Seater Bathtub

Available in models Intimate, Comfort, Falcon, Amazon, Phoenix, Temptation and Innovation, our double seater bathtubs take you to the next level of intimate and ultimate bathing experience. Adequate space and robustness are the hallmarks and pure elegance is the USP of this product.

Popular modelsPhoenix, Amazon, Intimate and Temptation


What types of bathtubs are available?

– Our current catalogue consists of Acrylic fixed bathtubs, Acrylic Freestanding Bathtubs, Drop-in bathtubs, Jacuzzi bathtubs, Walk-in bathtubs, Spa tubs, and pools.

How do I choose the right bathtub for my bathroom?

– To choose the right bathtub, consider factors such as the available space, bathroom layout, desired style, functionality, features, and personal preferences. You may also call our sales executive at 1800-833-7890 for any advice and suggestions while choosing a bathtub.

What materials are bathtubs made of?

– Our bathtubs are made from Premium Acrylic Sheets to ensure the smoothest feel on the skin and are reinforced with fiberglass to provide strength that lasts for decades.

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